Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Groupon Love

Oh my goodness, can you believe I did the Groupon again and just like the first time, sold out?!? Yesterday, I was driving home and I almost began to cry, it's amazing that in 3 short year how far my business has come. I remember being fresh out of college with a such a fire and frustration finding a job in the photography world, I gave up looking for others to hire me and hired myself. No education in business but only a dream to be full time photographer. I grew a business from absolutely nothing and today it's pretty freaking BIG! I owe so much  gratitude  to my parents who have supported me in my dream since I was 14, not many would as I went to college for photography. I'm also fortunate to have not only one but three business guru's to help guide me; Richard Elliott who is a small business counselor for SCORE and an amazing graphic designer here in Frederick (among other things), Rob Payne who is part of the Wounded Warrior Flight Team and a spreadsheet freak, and Chris Sun who is not only one of my closest BBF but an amazing lawyer who knows so much about everything. Thank you guys! 

 I LOVE my clients! These couple of past years I have met so many great people and have watched families grow. There is not a greater feeling then walking in a clients home and seeing your work on the wall, or have a family call you for another session. I LOVE you guys! This is going to be an amazing year and I'm so excited!!

Dockside Love + Engagment Session

The Parkers + Family Session